Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Month's end

Wow that went by pretty fast, wasn't it just yesterday that we celebrated new year, and now the 1st month is done with...11 more to go!

Well turned in all the assignments, now its just for the project(making progress on that one also).
Still havent gotten response from Prof. Mac, i'll just go ahead, cant do anything now, its too late anywayz to change topic.

watched the wiz game last and ha...pistons must be feelin red as fruck now...bummer. So now we still on top of the east, lets see wat happens in toronto 2nite, hopefully agent zero is successful on another mission....too bad 'twan is out as a result of a sprained knee, the same knee dat messed him up 2 yrs ago.

umm....wat else, oh zucky left for West. va last nite, shud be back by now!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

New Week

Woke up not too long ago...mayne i'm still not done with all my CMST 385 assignments, thank God its due @11.59pm, hopefully i'll finish everything up by this afternoon, or evening(latest).

Sunday, January 28, 2007

1st entry

Well well look at this, i've finally joined the rest of the world and got my own personal blog!!! Dont know what to feel really, should i share my innermost feelings with the rest of the world??.....errr who gives a heck, why not.

Well i mainly got this for my class because its required, but i just might fall in love with this and keep it updated as often as here it goes.

Lemme mess around with this whole blogging thing, and i'll be back to do an update(hopefully)!!